It is Skywatch Friday if there is still one running. I haven't joined any meme for so long, and am not going to do it anytime soon either. Life changes and finding time for blogging is difficult enough. I am floating now in the direction of currents.

I still love taking pictures of the sky, especially when the colors are so vivid like these ones in the photos. I still am amazed with it everyday but my enjoyment nowadays is just a quiet thought.

Have a great weekend! Registered & Protected

 Sometimes last year, I buried some dried coneflower heads in my garden and forgot all about it. When I saw the plant I was thinking that it was my blackeyed Susan that I had the year before.

To my surprise, with my anticipation, coneflowers started to show up.
Needless to say, I was very happy to see them growing strong and tall. I now have PINK CONEFLOWERS to enjoy for the rest of the summer. I love to grow flowers and vegetables from seeds whenever I can. Registered & Protected

First and foremost, I have to make a sincere apology for those who have visited me and left comments. I am not that proud you see, but rather out of touch with how Blogger works.

I kept looking for comments to approve and to publish after I posted. I saw none! I thought that have lost all relationship with other bloggers since I am not active or posting regularly. For sure, I disappeared for months and perhaps a year or so due to changed circumstances. It wouldn't surprise me if no one visits.

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