Blue Sky With Autumn Leaves

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Branch of Yellow Leaves

We were very fortunate to have such a warm weather last week, and beautiful blue sky all day long. I believe people say it was our Indian Summer, and whichever it was, I loved it since with the warm temperature, we had golden leaves.

Yellow Tree

I did a circle of early morning, early afternoon and early evening shots of these photos. Though the sky was blue, it had different tones of blue.

Multicolor Leaves

This maple tree was turning with different colors of leaves! It seemed to be the star of autumn for their vibrant display of colors.

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  1. lovely shots Icy, the contrast of the warm autumn colors against the blue sky is so deeply beautiful.

  2. I love the multi-coloured leaves on the tree. It's a typical autumn shot, but with a lovely, clear blue sky. It's a great combination of both summer and autumn worlds.

  3. Lovely shots! Autumn leaves remind us that we can grow old with beauty...

  4. That blue sky makes for a gorgeous backdrop for the fall colors! Great shots

  5. I just love this time of year!

  6. Beautiful shots of the changing season. I love the colourful leaves against a clear blue sky.

  7. Your first two are of the golden rain tree that I have fallen in love with as it takes up the whole fourth floor window where I work. I love the colors in the Maple too.

    Take care and God bless.

  8. whew, your shots never fail to make me smile...from a lover of blue this is simply awesome:)


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