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Monday, November 28, 2011

Rainbow Coleus

Every summer, I mixed this type of ornamental plant (Rainbow Coleus) in my flowers since I love the colors of its leaves, and since it can tolerate the heat very well.

Growing Flowers

When the plant was mature and the leaves were at their fullest, the flower stem began to grow very tall. I like different things mixed up with other summer flowers.

Lavender Flowers

The flowers had a light lavender and delicate looking. They were beautiful and striking with those yellow rim on red leaves. Most flowers I had in this pot were short, and this beautiful plant brought a vertical view to the eyes. Registered & Protected



  1. These are so beautiful. My mum used to have different shades of these when she was alive. They remind me of her.

    Icy, could you please join my networked blog on my diy site. I sent you an invitation last month when I first started the site, but maybe you didn't get it. Thanks.

  2. If that plant tolerates heat, I need to get some of it next summer. We had a terrible drought in Texas and now they are saying probably again next year. Even the trees are dying.

  3. These plants are very colorful, you are still lucky enough to find them at least.

  4. beautiful purple flowers never fail to remind me of you and Tes (Craftista). have a great weekend Icy!


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