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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My network of friends mostly consists a group of freelance writers and photographers. Whenever they find a new website that pays us to write articles or posting photos, they refer it to me, and vice versa. We have an unspoken understanding to share this information to help one another to earn money online.

I have bookmarked many of these websites, and organized them on my clipix board to have a quick preference whenever I have the time to check them out. I have joined many of these sites, but others need further investigation to verify the legitimating and term of agreements. My clipboard looks like this below:
Clipix is a new useful tool to help me organized all my information in one place, but under different categories, and I can have as many boards as I please. Joining is easy and free. Just sign in with either your Twitter or Facebook account, and drag the "V clip" button to my web browser bookmark toolbar. Then, whenever I receive a new site, I just clip it to my board under my chosen subject to keep them in one place.

The video below will show you how quickly it is to get started:

I have used my boards to keep movies I want to watch, stored my favorite photos, and writing related websites. Do you an idea on what you want to keep on your clipboard?

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  1. thanks for always sharing something about blogging happine$$.

    btw,i wonder why SS is taking too long to post mine. i had typo error (clipic instead of clipix), corrected it but still waiting to be published since last week. haha,ignore me! just being impatient here.

  2. Sounds interesting. Not heard of Clipix before.

  3. Another blogger recommended this site a few days ago and i have signed up but not worked out how to use it yet.

  4. great info, thank you so much for sharing again:-)


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