Shooting the Sun

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Warning: put on your sunglasses to prevent blindness :-)

Through the Thickest

The photos in this post will make your eyes go crazy if you look at them too long. Go on, I challenge you, stare at them. They were beautiful in the morning, and I confessed I saw dots afterward.

Shooting the Sun
It was very rare to see the sun coming up like this, and I just can't help myself when I saw it through my view finder. I was at the right place, and right time.

I like shooting the moon, and shooting the sunrise/sunset!

The Sun Going Up
It was cold, so I went inside to grab a hat, by the time I came back out, the sun had already move up in the sky.

Happy Weekend...

Joining Sky Watch!!!

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  1. really beautiful in its intensity. :)

  2. Wow - just awesome and fantastic!

  3. Looks like a fire storm!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. That is a glorious, dramatic way to start any day! Wow! Awesome colors and terrific captures for the day!! Happy SWF! Enjoy your weekend -- hopefully with more sunrises/sunsets like this!!


  5. A beautiful sunset, I love the color of the sky. A lovely way to start your day. Beautiful photos! Happy skywatching!

  6. Oh my, Icy. These are just spectacular shots. I wouldn't mind seeing dots if I could see this view each day. Stunning!

  7. blinding yet stunning!
    have a great weekend,Icy! take care and Godbless.

  8. this is stunning! my grandmother used to say that it's going to be a scorcher when the sunrise is as fiery as this.

  9. I've never seen sun pictures like this. I'm actually surprised you got to take them at all. You must have been staring right at the sun!

    Can I borrow one of them sometime, please?

  10. Such a nice sequence of sunrise photos - brilliant fireball to begin the day. I'll bet it wasn't cold for long.

  11. oh yes, time flies, but you took wonderful photos to warm and inspire us.

  12. magic pics and fantastic framing, thanks for the warmth!

  13. I love a red or orange sun; just beautiful!

  14. You keep busy with 3 blogs--I'm impressed. These are awesome photo-great captures. You were out and about at the right time. Mickie :)


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