Earn Money Posting Photos On ClickASnap

Clickasnap provides a platform for photo enthusiast to post their photos, and earn money for the activities that they do on it. In fact, it is all about socializing with other users on the site just like what you are already doing on FaceBook. The only difference is: you are with like minded people from around the world.

There are no secret to break into this field of posting and earning.

Post Your Own Original Pictures
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You must be the original creator of your photos. The maximum size you can upload is 32 MB per photo, and as many as you want. Clickasnap will ban your account if the photo is not yours!

You will find professional photographers as well as beginners, hobbyist, and photo enthusiasts on the site. Cameras wise, there are DSLR to point and shoot cameras, to mobile phones.

Share Your Photos Via Social Networking Sites

After uploading your photos, share them on your social networking sites as a way to get “the word” out.

Most importantly, internal views is what you need to focus on first; that means if you see a photo that “wow” you, click on it to view, comment, and like the photo. As a newcomer to the site, you will give more than you can get back. However, it is a shout to other users of your presence.

Find few photographers that you’re impressed with their work, and follow them. Sincerity and consistency are part of gaining followers.

Make the Most of Social Sites

If you already have a Facebook account, look up for some groups to share your photos in. There are theme groups to fit almost every category under the rainbow.

Share your friends’ photos, re-tweet their tweets, and Google + their shares.

The majority of Clickasnap members are friendly, generous, and supportive.

If you enjoy taking photos as much as I do, Clickasnap is a great place to post your photos and earn a bit of pocket money! Once you reached $25, you can cash out via PayPal roughly in about two hours, and many people have been paid.

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