Touch of Orange

We rarely see the sun at this time of year, but when we do, the sky always put on an amazing show to woo me. I was caught in a surprise to see this beautiful view of light orange sky.

The Live Feedjit widgets for US bloggers, and United Kingdon bloggers are different as far as I know. When my friend asked me to write on how to adjust the length of Live Feedjit, I based my information on my blog's widget. I thought they are all the same, but Anne quickly pointed out to me that her widget didn't have that HTML code as I underlined in my post "How to Adjust Height, Width, or Length of Widgets".

So today, I spent some time in Anne's blogs, and found that there was no way to adjust the length. After playing around with the HTML for a while, I still couldn't get it to work for her. So here is an update and a quick solution for those who are particular with the way it looks.
  1. Click on Get Feedjit Now on your own old widget
  2. You can customize the background color, text color, link color, header color, border color, etc. here
  3. Select the width of your Feedjit widget
  4. Select the number of visitors you would want
  5. Remove your old widget from your blog
  6. If you are satisfied with your choice, then click on the button Install Feedjit, and follow the on screen direction.
That all it takes! This should work for United Kingdom bloggers or for anyone who just want to adjust the length, width or height of their widgets. Registered & Protected

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

HTC EVO 4GMy heart was set on the HTC EVO 4G two summers ago when my "high-tech sister" came to visit, and now I am happy to let you know that you can own this baby at absolutely no cost at all. For a limited time only, Sprint offers this special online deal for 3 days with free shipping, and free activation on all new lines.

As you can guess, the HTC EVO 4G is listed at $449, therefore, this is a big amount of money that you can save, plus shipping cost and activation fees which could bring it up to more than $500 dollars. If the HTC EVO 4G is not what you like, you can check out the other Android™ powered EVO 4G devices!

Lately, I am not motivated, enthusiastic, or even want to blog. I think I have "blogging block" if there is such a thing. Maybe I'm all burned out. Maybe my mind is muddled, and maybe my priority is shifted once again.

While I was on a week of vacation without internet, I had no choice but to relax, and forget all about blogging. I wore no watch, and had no cell phone either. It was a fine time without all of these gadgets! It was great to feel so carefree.

What really disappointing to me was my Alexa ranking numbers! It took my motivation away, and made me realize that I should just take time to smell the flower! Allow whatever, to be whatever!

This bench is where I want to park myself. Just sit and rest! However, I will be out all day taking my mom to the dentist, plus other errands, and then later on, I will have to host entertaining her visitors.

So it is good to pretend and dream that I am sitting on that bench watching life goes by for a while! Registered & Protected

Red Lipstick Vine
Just as the sign in the above indicated, these red flowers are called "Lipstick Vine", and I found them at the Conservatory blooming in October.  The scientific name is Aeschynanthus lobbianus.

Blue Sky and Colorful Leaves

Ok, these photos seemed out of time now that fall has completely passed by! I uploaded a while ago, and just kept pushing them back. Why? I don't know! But I think it has to do with my moods.

If you have Google Analytics account, you can see many details of your blog or website. Since my blogs were created with the purpose of making ends meet, I have to check on their "health" once in a while.

The bounce rate on my blogs nearly gave me a heart attack, literally, and I'm not proud to display them here. Moreover, the amount of time people spent on my blog was less than a few seconds! What gives? Am I that boring and uninteresting? Whatever!

Double Decker Turkey Sandwich

My son bought me this gigantic turkey and bacon sandwich when I was under the weather. This scrumptious sandwich came from the new restaurant in town: Nino Grille. I was surprise to see such a large portion with fresh vegetables and homemade pickle.

On the Soccer Field

It was a beautiful day, not so warm but sunny, and was always welcome, especially if there was a game to attend. You can't tell in this photo, but the field was soak and muddy. A trail of mud water kicked up onto the players' back side as they ran.

Pink Cloud Covered the Sky

Living in Michigan, we do not have many sunny days to see the colors of the sky. However, when we do have sun light, the colors come out and magnify the beauty of our world.

Baked Chicken Wings

Tired of fried chicken wings? How about trying something different? Get the following ingredients together, and allow the wings to marinate for about 10 minutes.
  • 1 bag of chicken wings
  • Salt 
  • Black pepper
  • A pinch of dry crushed basil leaves
  • 1/4 teaspoon of La Choy soy sauce
  • 1/8 teaspoon of sesame oil

White Wild Asters By the Fence

These beautiful wild asters grow by the fence, and they have never looked better than this year. They are just pure white, fancy, and glorious to see. The morning dews are also sparkle under the sunlight on their petals.

As bloggers, we are constantly installing or removing widgets on our blog, depending on the usefulness and what we need at the moment. Many widgets come in one set of height, width, and length, and they often do not work out for our blog.

The most popular widgets that I saw on blogs are: NetWorked Blog, Facebook Like Box, Linkwithin, and Live Feedjit. Do you know that you don't need to understand everything about the HTML codes from these widgets, but only need to know a few key words to customize these widgets to fit your liking? 

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last Sunday while traveling to Oxford for my son's soccer game, I received a text from Fred, a father of a player on the team asking if the field has changed. I was shocked! You see, Fred is an "old fashioned" guy who refuses to use his mobile phone for anything but making phone calls.

Once we got caught up at the field, Fred told me that his family is done with the contract service provider, and he decided to go with Straight Talk. Fred and his wife both got the smart phones with no contract, no fee for activation, and no credit check. Plus, it costs only $45 a month for unlimited texts, picture messages, and web. Above all, his 411 calls are included without extra charge! Fred loves his new phone, and The power of Android where games and apps are also available for download.

Circle and Rectangular Flowers

On the ground by Belle Isle Conservatory, these circle and rectangular flowers are in full bloom, and welcoming visitors. The photo above showed only one side of the walk way to the Conservatory.

A Branch of Yellow Leaves

We were very fortunate to have such a warm weather last week, and beautiful blue sky all day long. I believe people say it was our Indian Summer, and whichever it was, I loved it since with the warm temperature, we had golden leaves.

Red Blanket Color

This beautiful red blanket flower slowly takes a deep seat in my heart for their endurance of cold weather here, in Michigan. It stays strong until November and retained its vibrant colors!

Early Morning Sky

I followed this amazing sky colors early in the morning, and parked on top of a small hill that over look a highway. We don't have many days like this where I live, so when the opportunity presented itself, I had to take my chances.

Last week, I teased you with Red Lobster Seafood Platter, and showed you how scrumptious they were if you ever wanted to eat seafood. Now, I'm going to touch on Pizza Hut pastas as an alternative and affordable meal to feed your family!

Tuscany Pastas

On game night at our house, it is always hectic and we never has enough time for a proper home made meal. Luckily, Pizza Hut offers pasta dishes for such occasion. The cost for this meal is $10 dollars, and feeds up to four people. What a deal, isn't it? However, it is only available at this price on Tuesday.

Angel In the Sky

We were at a Stop sign waiting for traffic to clear up before I could make a turn to go home, when the sky open up right in front of our eyes! Starting out like a dragon blew fire..

Two Colors Sunflowers

I planted many different colors of sunflowers this year, but they turned out mostly yellow, and these two tones of red or maroon/orange colors. They also didn't grow big and tall like they used to.

Contributors: KQ Doan and Kyle F.

My sister, KQ, and her husband Kyle sent me this collection of their butterfly photos. I love them so much and want to share them with you. Don't ask me for their scientific names or common names, for I have no clue! They are just beautiful butterflies to me, and I will describe them by their colors instead.

Updates: I found this site that listed the name of butterflies from A to Z, if you ever need preferences.

Light Blue and Tan Butterfly

Red Lobster is one of our favorite chain restaurants of all time for their seafood. Going to Red Lobster usually required an occasion for us to celebrate, so in this case, JoJo's Honor Roll certificate for the year.

King Crab Legs

JoJo had a craving for Red Lobster, and they had a seafood platter that he loves: shrimps, scallops, and king crab legs. This plate costs $20 dollars, but his hard work at school was well worth it. Seafood and pastas are JoJo's preferences.

It is a learning curve I suppose when I decided to install a Facebook Like button on my blogs. I didn't get many "Likes" as I would hope to, only a few here and there from my close blogging friends. Then I ran into the Facebook Share button, and I installed it on Beyond Zephyr, and on this blog.

I like the Share button more than the Like button! I also like it much better for each individual post to have it own numbers. You will find the direction to install either the Like button here:  Blogger Plugins, and the Share button here!

The Facebook Share button comes in the right side, left side or at the bottom of your post. Pick out one that you like. Blogger Plugins has many useful tutorials and is one of my favorite websites to find information.

The direction is easy to follow, and the button will show on each individual post of your blog. It also makes it easy for readers/friends to share if they find the post interesting.

Have fun experimenting with these Facebook Share and Like buttons! Registered & Protected
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