We haven't been cooking much around here since the heat wave is unbearable on days. I'm not complaining though because I have waited all winter long for this warm weather. Instead of collaborate dinner, we have simple meal.

Multicolor Pasta

I bought a box of whole grain multicolor pasta, and cooked it according to the direction.  While the pasta was cooking, I cleaned about 1/2 pound of the shrimp, and quickly dropped them in hot water until they turned color. Take them out and allow them to sit at room temperature.

While in a process of buying a domain name for Beyond Wandering, I made a mistake of hitting the back arrow. Thus, for the next two days after that, I saw this notice: "We found an existing order for this domain. Please contact support!"

However, there was no email or phone numbers to contact anyone. I hopped from help desk, to forum, and searched, and read everything under the rainbow, nothing can be found! Frustrated, I cleared history, cookies, and data form, from my web browser as suggested in the forum. That too, didn't work or allowed me to proceed with my order. I restarted my computer hoping this process would give me a fresh beginning. Didn't work either!

I gave up! On the second day, I tried again but receive the same "We found an existing order for this domain. Please contact support." Yeah, right! So many people have this problem due to one reason or another, and none could find support.

Then, a crazy idea hit me! I borrowed my son's laptop and proceed with my purchase for the domain name Beyond Wandering! Voila, it went through! So if you have the same problem, USE ANOTHER COMPUTER. It will save you lots of time and headache.

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There is time in my life when I just have to look for whatever available in the house, and throw them all together for a meal. This week was one of those moments when I created the dish below.

Dried Noodles and Saffron Powder

Saffron powder and rice noodle
I have a bag of this twisted rice noodle, and saffron powder! I cooked the noodle according to the direction on the bag. Then added enough saffron powder to give the noodle the desired color!

There is time in life when we must learn to let go, and that time is now for me! After months of consideration, analyzing, confusing, and aching, I have decided to let these websites below go:
  • Dances of Dreams
  • Blessing Reflections
As of now, I'm allowing them to stay on the web, and in time the domain ones will expire! There are also some paid ads and posts that need to run their course. After that, they will be deleted.

Reaching this decision was not easy and have many reasons, one of which you can read at Beyond Zephyr, my new blog along with this one! I will now have one consolidated account to work with for efficiency.

Starting out fresh makes me feel lighter, and more whole as a person, since free time seems to be in critical shortage of late.

My sincere thanks to all your support on those websites these last few years. You're all the best!

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My father said that as soon as I knew how to hold a pen/pencil, I started to write (okay, doodling) every where. If the wall was off limit for the moment, then the floor became my playground!

I've always been fond of writing! It is very therapeutic to me, and brings out my creativity, not to mention my imagination.

If you are interested in reading what I wrote, or just want to check out my portfolio, you can find them here:

1) Yahoo! Voice--I have 54 articles on this website, and planning on continuing whenever I have time.

2) Triond--I have more than 200 articles/poems on this website. 

3) Helium--I have 37 articles on this website, sold at least 3 articles to market place already, but I don't like their system.  In order to get paid for your writing, you have to read and rate other's work every day, or else you don't get a penny!

4) RedGage--This is the place where I share my love for photography

5) Bubblews--I am currently and actively writing at this website since February.

Besides writing for the above websites, you can find me blogging at these websites:

My Wordpress blog: Pragmatic Soul

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You might wonder what I'm doing with another blog, and at the moment I feel the same. I give credit to Google recent changed in page rank! I'm depressed, big time...All my blogs went down one level, and it was not good for my writing business.

No one can exactly nail down what Google deemed to be an important or not important website, and how they assigned page rank to it! Shee-take-ki mushroom, I thought I knew from reading and learning through all these years.

I have seen sites with very few posts that received a page rank 3 and have only been online for a short while. I also have seen sites that have a page rank 4 with just photos! So there you go, "content is not always king" as it made out to be!

I'm betting with my sister that if I create another blog, and when September comes around, I should get a page rank 3! Ha, will see about that.  Google may not like me for stirring this stinky pot. Whatever...It is good to go beyond musing or ranting to understand this messed up ideas about page rank, traffic, and just put them to rest. I give, I give!

So really, Do What You Love, and Don't Worry About Page Rank...even if your main purpose is generating some extra money.

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Due to an increasing number of spam emails, I have to remove my email address here. If you're a serious advertiser, please leave me a comment with your subject matter, email contact, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Since comment is moderated, your information can only be seen by me.

Thank you for your understanding, and best wishes to you!


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