Letting Go

There is time in life when we must learn to let go, and that time is now for me! After months of consideration, analyzing, confusing, and aching, I have decided to let these websites below go:
  • Dances of Dreams
  • Blessing Reflections
As of now, I'm allowing them to stay on the web, and in time the domain ones will expire! There are also some paid ads and posts that need to run their course. After that, they will be deleted.

Reaching this decision was not easy and have many reasons, one of which you can read at Beyond Zephyr, my new blog along with this one! I will now have one consolidated account to work with for efficiency.

Starting out fresh makes me feel lighter, and more whole as a person, since free time seems to be in critical shortage of late.

My sincere thanks to all your support on those websites these last few years. You're all the best!

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