Page Rank Dives Beyond Wandering

You might wonder what I'm doing with another blog, and at the moment I feel the same. I give credit to Google recent changed in page rank! I'm depressed, big time...All my blogs went down one level, and it was not good for my writing business.

No one can exactly nail down what Google deemed to be an important or not important website, and how they assigned page rank to it! Shee-take-ki mushroom, I thought I knew from reading and learning through all these years.

I have seen sites with very few posts that received a page rank 3 and have only been online for a short while. I also have seen sites that have a page rank 4 with just photos! So there you go, "content is not always king" as it made out to be!

I'm betting with my sister that if I create another blog, and when September comes around, I should get a page rank 3! Ha, will see about that.  Google may not like me for stirring this stinky pot. Whatever...It is good to go beyond musing or ranting to understand this messed up ideas about page rank, traffic, and just put them to rest. I give, I give!

So really, Do What You Love, and Don't Worry About Page Rank...even if your main purpose is generating some extra money. Registered & Protected