Shrimp Pasta Salad

We haven't been cooking much around here since the heat wave is unbearable on days. I'm not complaining though because I have waited all winter long for this warm weather. Instead of collaborate dinner, we have simple meal.

Multicolor Pasta

I bought a box of whole grain multicolor pasta, and cooked it according to the direction.  While the pasta was cooking, I cleaned about 1/2 pound of the shrimp, and quickly dropped them in hot water until they turned color. Take them out and allow them to sit at room temperature.

Black Olives, and Celery pieces

While waiting for both pasta and shrimp to cool off, I cut up some celery and cucumber into bite size piece. Then I cut the shrimp into half, lengthwise.  Substitute shrimp with chicken or your choice of meat if you are not a seafood lover.

Combine Pasta, Cooked Shrimps, Black Olives, and Celery Pieces

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, and top with black olives! As far as vegetables go, the choice is endless, or whatever is available in your refrigerator! Before serving, pour in your favorite salad dressing and toss gently. Registered & Protected