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My sister, KQ, and her husband Kyle sent me this collection of their butterfly photos. I love them so much and want to share them with you. Don't ask me for their scientific names or common names, for I have no clue! They are just beautiful butterflies to me, and I will describe them by their colors instead.

Updates: I found this site that listed the name of butterflies from A to Z, if you ever need preferences.

Light Blue and Tan Butterfly

Red Lobster is one of our favorite chain restaurants of all time for their seafood. Going to Red Lobster usually required an occasion for us to celebrate, so in this case, JoJo's Honor Roll certificate for the year.

King Crab Legs

JoJo had a craving for Red Lobster, and they had a seafood platter that he loves: shrimps, scallops, and king crab legs. This plate costs $20 dollars, but his hard work at school was well worth it. Seafood and pastas are JoJo's preferences.

It is a learning curve I suppose when I decided to install a Facebook Like button on my blogs. I didn't get many "Likes" as I would hope to, only a few here and there from my close blogging friends. Then I ran into the Facebook Share button, and I installed it on Beyond Zephyr, and on this blog.

I like the Share button more than the Like button! I also like it much better for each individual post to have it own numbers. You will find the direction to install either the Like button here:  Blogger Plugins, and the Share button here!

The Facebook Share button comes in the right side, left side or at the bottom of your post. Pick out one that you like. Blogger Plugins has many useful tutorials and is one of my favorite websites to find information.

The direction is easy to follow, and the button will show on each individual post of your blog. It also makes it easy for readers/friends to share if they find the post interesting.

Have fun experimenting with these Facebook Share and Like buttons! Registered & Protected

A Box of Mrs T.'s Mini Periogies

My son has three soccer games this weekend, and playing in the Waterfront Soccer Tournament, so we have no time for cooking. His game began at 5:30 PM, so he must be fed by 3:30, and one of his favorite things to eat is Mrs. T's mini periogies with potatoes and cheddar cheese filling.

This was the view behind me, as I sat watching my son soccer practice. I'm getting a little braver pulling out my camera, pointing it toward the sky, and just shoot with people's eyes on me. My 12-year-old, however, was embarrassed beyond words as this is a new club, new team, which equal strangers, and his reputation was on the line, so to speak!

Joining Sky Watch!!! Registered & Protected

When I started blogging, three years ago, I have read advice that we should offer email subscription to our readers, and I spent hours/days to learn how! We all live our life on a run, so to speak, thus having this option is a great idea. People can read our post wherever they are if they have a smart device with them.

I've changed my thinking as of late. Although I have more than 1000 subscribers (not followers) on my blogs, but I kept seeing my traffic plummeted. Subscribers don't have to click on my blogs to read my posts; rather they read the full feed in their email or in a reader.

If you are trying to make extra money with your blog, traffic and page rank are both very important in receiving decent assignments. So I set out to explore on this subject and found a solution below:
  1. Go into Settings
  2. Select Site Feed
  3. In the drop down menu for Allow Blog Feed
  4. Choose your option
  5. Fill in your feed address, it looks something like this: (replace WanderingThought with your blog name)
  6. Save your changes and you're done
I hope this will help me and you in whatever endeavor we are choosing! Registered & Protected
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