A Collection of Different Beautiful Butterflies

Contributors: KQ Doan and Kyle F.

My sister, KQ, and her husband Kyle sent me this collection of their butterfly photos. I love them so much and want to share them with you. Don't ask me for their scientific names or common names, for I have no clue! They are just beautiful butterflies to me, and I will describe them by their colors instead.

Updates: I found this site that listed the name of butterflies from A to Z, if you ever need preferences.

Light Blue and Tan Butterfly

Dotted Brown Butterfly

Beautiful Black Butterfly

Orange Butterfly

Elegant White Butterfly

Brown and Orange Butterfly

Brown and Stripe Butterfly

Dotted Black Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Well, I wasn't completely honest for I know the name of the butterfly in the last photo. This is the most common butterfly to see, and I have learned a thing or so. I hope you enjoy this collection, and if you know the name, please share. I will add the caption under each photo.

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