Set Option For Email Subscribers

When I started blogging, three years ago, I have read advice that we should offer email subscription to our readers, and I spent hours/days to learn how! We all live our life on a run, so to speak, thus having this option is a great idea. People can read our post wherever they are if they have a smart device with them.

I've changed my thinking as of late. Although I have more than 1000 subscribers (not followers) on my blogs, but I kept seeing my traffic plummeted. Subscribers don't have to click on my blogs to read my posts; rather they read the full feed in their email or in a reader.

If you are trying to make extra money with your blog, traffic and page rank are both very important in receiving decent assignments. So I set out to explore on this subject and found a solution below:
  1. Go into Settings
  2. Select Site Feed
  3. In the drop down menu for Allow Blog Feed
  4. Choose your option
  5. Fill in your feed address, it looks something like this: (replace WanderingThought with your blog name)
  6. Save your changes and you're done
I hope this will help me and you in whatever endeavor we are choosing! Registered & Protected