Early Morning Sky

I followed this amazing sky colors early in the morning, and parked on top of a small hill that over look a highway. We don't have many days like this where I live, so when the opportunity presented itself, I had to take my chances.

Last week, I teased you with Red Lobster Seafood Platter, and showed you how scrumptious they were if you ever wanted to eat seafood. Now, I'm going to touch on Pizza Hut pastas as an alternative and affordable meal to feed your family!

Tuscany Pastas

On game night at our house, it is always hectic and we never has enough time for a proper home made meal. Luckily, Pizza Hut offers pasta dishes for such occasion. The cost for this meal is $10 dollars, and feeds up to four people. What a deal, isn't it? However, it is only available at this price on Tuesday.

Angel In the Sky

We were at a Stop sign waiting for traffic to clear up before I could make a turn to go home, when the sky open up right in front of our eyes! Starting out like a dragon blew fire..

Two Colors Sunflowers

I planted many different colors of sunflowers this year, but they turned out mostly yellow, and these two tones of red or maroon/orange colors. They also didn't grow big and tall like they used to.
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