Grilled Whole Talapia Fish and Asparagus

Grilled Whole Talapia

I know, I know, many of you are not used to see the whole fish, leave alone eating it! Around here, we are accustomed to fry or grill the whole fish some time, and it is up to the diners to eat or not eat the fish head.

A Complete Dinner Plate

The fish is already clean at the market, so salt and pepper on the skin outside the whole fish. Slice up some lemon piece for the cavity, add a couple sprigs of thyme, and season it too. Allow the fish to marinate for a few minutes before grilling.

Steam Rice and Asparagus

Prepare your asparagus and steam them to tender with a touch of butter, salt, and pepper. Serve hot steamed rice, with asparagus and whole fish. Registered & Protected