How to Adjust Height, Width, Or Length of Widgets

As bloggers, we are constantly installing or removing widgets on our blog, depending on the usefulness and what we need at the moment. Many widgets come in one set of height, width, and length, and they often do not work out for our blog.

The most popular widgets that I saw on blogs are: NetWorked Blog, Facebook Like Box, Linkwithin, and Live Feedjit. Do you know that you don't need to understand everything about the HTML codes from these widgets, but only need to know a few key words to customize these widgets to fit your liking? 

How to Work With Height and Width

Let's say you want to change the size of your Facebook Like Box, and the code I use for this example is from Wandering Thought Facebook Like Box below.

Since this box came much bigger than I wanted, I had to go in and adjusted the width and the height. So looks at the photo below with the purple arrows underneath.

I have replaced the numbers for the width and height to suit my blog. You must know the width of your sidebar in order to change it, and if you don't, just leave it alone. The height is easy to work with. Just keep changing the number until you are happy.

How to Work With the Length on Live Feedjit

If you want to shorten the length of Live Feedjit, it is very easy to do. The code looks like this:
You can do a whole lot in here such as changing the background color, link color or text color. However, we are not here for that. We are here to adjust the length to your liking. All right then, looks at the photo below with the purple arrow.
All you have to do is change that number 10 to whatever number you want! On Beyond Wandering, I set it at number 2 so it won't leave such a long white page on my blog..

Have fun with HTML codes! Registered & Protected