Straight Talk For Today's Technology

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last Sunday while traveling to Oxford for my son's soccer game, I received a text from Fred, a father of a player on the team asking if the field has changed. I was shocked! You see, Fred is an "old fashioned" guy who refuses to use his mobile phone for anything but making phone calls.

Once we got caught up at the field, Fred told me that his family is done with the contract service provider, and he decided to go with Straight Talk. Fred and his wife both got the smart phones with no contract, no fee for activation, and no credit check. Plus, it costs only $45 a month for unlimited texts, picture messages, and web. Above all, his 411 calls are included without extra charge! Fred loves his new phone, and The power of Android where games and apps are also available for download.

Since our sons' soccer team travels a lot, the coach sometimes sends out a mass text message to all parents if the time or location changes at the last minute, especially when we are dealing with unpredictable weather. This way, we all know where to meet up if we are on our way to the game.

With an affordable plan, and everything at his finger tips, Fred Feel Richer with Android, caught up with today's technology, and couldn't be happier with his decision.

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