Five Easy Secrets to Make Your Blog Count

If you have Google Analytics account, you can see many details of your blog or website. Since my blogs were created with the purpose of making ends meet, I have to check on their "health" once in a while.

The bounce rate on my blogs nearly gave me a heart attack, literally, and I'm not proud to display them here. Moreover, the amount of time people spent on my blog was less than a few seconds! What gives? Am I that boring and uninteresting? Whatever!

Let's just cut through this "yappy-dappy" small talk and get to work on increasing Alexa ranking, and improving bounce rate if that is what you want to do.

Here are some important secrets that I have compiled from reading blogs after blogs!

1) Go to and install the Alexa tool bar in your web browser

2) Run your blog URL address through these websites: Site Price, and WebsiteOutlook. These sites will help creating a page of your website which will help Google to index your blog.

3) Allow a blog to FULLY LOAD, and then click on the second page to decrease the bounce rate!

4) Be generous: Tweet, Share on Facebook, Stumble, Buzz, Digg your friends' page! Alexa will count in your favor

5) Improve the loading time of your blog by cut down the size of your images, and clean up dead links

There you have it, my secrets are out! Now, let's help each other improve our blogs! Registered & Protected