Take A Seat, Have a Rest

Lately, I am not motivated, enthusiastic, or even want to blog. I think I have "blogging block" if there is such a thing. Maybe I'm all burned out. Maybe my mind is muddled, and maybe my priority is shifted once again.

While I was on a week of vacation without internet, I had no choice but to relax, and forget all about blogging. I wore no watch, and had no cell phone either. It was a fine time without all of these gadgets! It was great to feel so carefree.

What really disappointing to me was my Alexa ranking numbers! It took my motivation away, and made me realize that I should just take time to smell the flower! Allow whatever, to be whatever!

This bench is where I want to park myself. Just sit and rest! However, I will be out all day taking my mom to the dentist, plus other errands, and then later on, I will have to host entertaining her visitors.

So it is good to pretend and dream that I am sitting on that bench watching life goes by for a while!

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