My friend Robin and I are thinking of starting a blog together for the last three months. We are back and forth in our decision to make a choice between a domain name and a generic name. Both has its advantages and disadvantages. We are not aim to be the big bloggers, or niche bloggers, but purposely want to be true and honest in our ways of thinking. With Codero Promo Codes, I think we will go ahead with a registered domain name.

There are many different popular registrars, as you can see, for us to choose from, and it depends on which one we go with, the price for us to pay is extremely affordable. Surely, we can spend $1.99 to have an adventure with our muses for a year, right?

While making a decision to get a domain name was easy, it is not so to have a clear idea on where we want our blog to be hosted, or what services to have! I don't have a clue of whether we want Core 2 Duo, Core i7, Xeon Quad Core, or Core i5.

I figure it took us this long to collaborate on our ideas, so we have time to further investigate on the services that are available to us. We rather take time to be sure than rushing in and are sorry! Registered & Protected

When the Sun Comes
Although we are in winter weather, and most of the time our world is gray and wet; we do have days on rare occasion, beautiful sunrise and sunset. After my purple sky faded away, it left me with this pretty colors to see.

On a Gorgeous Day
I noticed this yellow berry tree in the front of my church once the leaves were all gone, but with gloomy weather, the pictures didn't show the gorgeous yellow berries as I wanted.  So I waited for a sunny day, for a long time, and then snapped.

Butternut Squash Soup
Today is one of those cold days that only hot and homemade soup would comfort me. I had a small butternut squash in the house, so I cut off the thick skin, and chopped it into bite size. While my broth was cooking with minced shrimp and butternut squash pieces, I soaked two rolls of clear noodle. Season with salt and black pepper. When the squashes are tendered to the fork, I added the noodle before serving.

First Week In November
Taken in the front yard
Here are just random shots of around my world. Some were taken right in the backyard, or at the front side of my home. The leaves were now gone, and colorful sky were replaced with grayness.

This is the busy time of year for everyone, so I will make it short, and just leave you with these photos to see.

Vietnamese Appetizer
This morning I wake up having such a bad craving for these two food dishes. Once in a while, the deep Asian root in me cries out for comfort food that I have known since childhood. I had no idea what the dish above called in America, but it is called "Banh Bot Loc" in Vietnamese.

It was made of a thin and small circle crepe-like, filled with shrimp pieces, folded in half, topped with dried yellow onion and sauteed green onion. It is eating with very light diluted fish sauce!

Front View of My Neighborhood
It is harder to catch sunrise and sunset photos now for me as it is getting so cold, and my hands shook up trying to snap. If I wore thick gloves then I would not be able to even push the button...For goodness' sake, do away with me why don't you? :-)

Frozen Mussels
Sometimes ago, my sister introduced me to a box of frozen mussels that she bought at the grocery store, but I haven't come across it until yesterday. These mussels were cooked in garlic butter and white wine. There were other flavor, but I picked this instead.

Heat Up and Serve
After coming home from our mid-day church service, I cooked up these frozen mussels in the microwave for about 3 minutes, tossed on top some fresh cilantro, and served. The mussels tasted just as fresh as you would get in the restaurant, and best of all, the price was only $2.99 ($3.99 regular price) for about 20 mussels. They were such a satisfied quick fix for our seafood craving. Registered & Protected

Early Morning
It is a beautiful time of year, when the leaves are few to show their silhouette images in the sky. The sun was a tease, came out for a short time, and disappeared soon afterward, leaving us in gloomy condition from afternoon on end.

Wild Grape Leaves
The wild grape leaves draped over the fence, and turned bright yellow color looked amazingly cheery when the sun came out. These wild grape vines can quickly take over the entire area if left to their own vice.

I had spent endless hours cutting them down, removing their root, but they still came back. They have not produced any grape for the birds or human to consume. Thus, their invasive nature is not very welcomed.

Yellow Leaves In Blue Sky
This branch of yellow leaves belonged to another weed plant that grew almost taller than the two levels high house next door to me. Just like other types of weeds, if not taking care off then they would take over. Now, the cost to the owner is somewhere in the hundreds to remove, as its root has dug under the foundation of the house.

Have a good Monday! Registered & Protected

First Week Of October
I suppose to post this last week, but some how it just escaped my mind that it was the last week of October. Well, I am allowed one mistake, and so now I will post this today!

Red Berries
These clusters of berries were at a rest stop so I quickly took some snapshots while trying to avoid a stream of people. Sure, they did give me many funny and curious look, but ignored them as best as I can. I had no idea what kind of tree, plant, or bush this was; I just thought the berries were very pretty to see, especially in the sun light.

More Berries
This photo was not my best, but I just want to show you the clusters of berries standing against the wall of that rest stop area. Since the plant was so close to the entrance door, I didn't see any critters around it. If I had more sufficient time, or better opportunity, I would have better shots! But it is what it is..I am happy to have these photos to mark the moment! Registered & Protected

Deep Burgundy Marigold
Can you feel the velvety petals on this marigold? I have some that look and feel very velvety to the touch with deep deep red, orange, and burgundy colors. Marigold flowers dominate my little garden in the backyard right now.

Velvety Marigold
With the chilly weather we are having, many of these marigold flowers are open half way, but still are very beautiful and unique. I love this deep burgundy color and its velvety petals. I am guilty of neglecting these flowers, but they really don't need my care at all. They are very self sufficient!

Joining Outdoor Wednesday! Registered & Protected

Facing My Left Side
It was on one of those strange day that when I looked up to the sky, and I saw a split of display into totally different colors. The photo you see above was the soft colors on my left side as I am facing it.

When Facebook changed to the new format, and "timeline" was a hot topic, I shied away from this confusing dilemma for a long time. You see, I am not one that can cope with dramatic and sudden changes well, especially when I don't have lot of free time on my hand to figure it out.

Well, you are in luck now as you don't have to try and figure out how to make a cover for your timeline! FB Timeline covers, a website that provides and designs the covers to your liking. Just sign up for a free account, and select a cover of your choice. Some covers are free, while some others you have to pay if you want that special or unique look.

Since this website is specialized in Facebook timeline covers, I am sure you will be happy to work with their designers to create that one of the kind cover for your account.

(Disclosure--this is a sponsored post, and all opinion are 100% mine!) Registered & Protected

Pink Cosmos
These are my giant pink cosmos that came in the wild flower mixed. They are more than 5 feet tall and still blooming despite the chilly weather. Sometimes creativity called for some crazy action, and this was it. I lied on the ground and just shoot up with the sky as my background.

Mustard Greens
  • 2 clove of garlic, finely chopped
  • 2 pounds of mustard greens or collard greens, separating the stems. Cut the green in 1 inch and thinly sliced the stems
  • 1 cup of chicken broth
  • salt and pepper
  • 4 pickled jalapenos, seeded and sliced
  • 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 

First Week of September
We are coming to the end of another! September was quickly flying by, and also is marking the beginning of a new season. School began, yearly check up and immunization shots done, and routine have been re-established.

This post brought to you by LifeLock Facebook. All opinions are 100% mine.

The internet is the greatest thing that ever invented. There are so many benefits that we can all derive from it, such as the ability to actually connect with someone who lives across the ocean, or a way to look for job, or the convenience of conducting all kind of business transactions online.

With its benefits, the virtual world is also a scary place with many bad things can happen. One of the most frightening moments was finding out your personal information has been compromised.

Yes, it happened! It happened to my oldest son just about six months ago. While he was at sea on a job, he found out that someone has been charging on his bank account in New York, racking up over 300 dollars in his name. He was beyond worry. Luckily, our bank was suspicious with the location where the charges were made and put a stop to it.

He called the bank, proved that he was on a job at sea, and the bank reversed the charges against his account. Needless to say, when you experienced something like this, it really is a horrible feeling, and it also begs the question: How hack friendly is your password?

He has only a month of break left at home, and out to sea he will go again. He told me that he recently likes LifeLock on Facebook, and is looking into protecting himself with their service. Since being at sea and at different places for the next six months, he would rather feel safe than deal with another mess.

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Marinate Flat Iron Steak
  • 1 one pound beef flat iron steak
  • 2 teaspoon of minced garlic
  • 4 scallions, chopped
  • 4 bay leaves, break into pieces
  • salt and black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 lemons, thinly sliced
  • Vegetable oil for brushing

Taking my car in for a regular oil change brought me nothing but trouble! It can never be just an oil change and have not failed me once yet. One thing or another, I ended having to get works done on my car.

Today was no different as my mechanic talked to me about injector pumps which for the life of me I don't know what it is.  He tried his best to explain to me that with fuel injected engine like my car, the purpose of the fuel injection system is to use an oil pump to deliver the high pressure oil to the electric unit injector. I think this was how I understood or my brain could process.

 I am lost after a lengthy conversation full with technical words. Therefore, I asked him to get to the bottom line, of course, it meant the total cost for the repair and the oil change.

I trust my mechanic and have been going to him for years. He suggested a few other problems, but knew that I was on a budget so we can delay those for the future!

When my car needs fixing, I am clueless to the terms or the nuts and bolts of this business. It makes me wonder how many people really know or understand what the mechanic is talking about? Registered & Protected

Dusty Cloud
Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Variety of  Eggplants
At my local fruits and vegetables market, they carried three different types of eggplants: Asian eggplants, regular eggplants which come in big and small sizes, plus the round eggplants. The recipe I am about to share called for Asian eggplants, but I have used all three types, and the result was the same.

Red Sky
The morning begins very beautiful with the sun light in the horizon covered the sky in a reddish orange colors. With a gorgeous view like this, the sky commands a grateful thought.

Before I show you how to make this turmeric or saffron rice and shredded chicken salad, make sure you have a piece of cooked chicken breast, and a cup of chicken broth. If you don't have the broth, making it is easy.  Bring a pot of water to boil, season with salt and black pepper, then drop in your boneless, skinless chicken breast to cook until done.

Turmeric Rice

Sunrise and Dark Cloud
There is a definite change in the air as the temperature is much cooler in the early morning and late evening. The day is also shorter as darkness taking over by 7:00 PM.

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