Earn Money With Your Photos At RedGage

Two years ago, I signed up at RedGage through friends' invitations and uploaded one photo, but then disappeared right afterward since I had no time to spare.

Once photography comes into focus, giving me much more joy, and also becomes a stress reliever, I signed up at RedBubble, SOAphoto, Fliya, Etsy, etc. trying to make a go for my photos. None of these yielded a good result. Therefore, I abandoned those sites all the same.

Glorious Orange Zinnia
In October, I uploaded A Flower Bed For Bee just for fun, and about two hours later I received an email informed me that my photo was picked as a feature photo. I received a bonus of $4.20 for it. A part from this surprise, two weeks later, I was chosen to be a Feature user, which earned me another $25.00 dollars.

Thus, today I am sharing with you this site for those that would like to make pocket money for your photos.

General Information About RedGage:
  • Use this link to sign up for an account. It is free and I get nothing from referring you
  • You can upload as many photos, articles, blog posts, videos, as you like
  • You can write articles or poems right on RedGage's site
  • Your photo is protected, no right click allowed!
  • Share your own blog posts, articles, and poems using the LINK option
  • You earned money by page-views
  • If your content is picked for Feature, you also get a bonus amount
  • People on RedGage are friendly
RedGage has a daily raffle, where one user will be picked and awarded with a $25.00 Visa, which can be used anywhere.

One important thing to remember when uploading is that your photo can't exceed 10MB in size. You will have to re-size your photo to stay lower than 10 MB.

Dust off your photos, and have fun on RedGage. Let me know if you need help!

Most importantly, you CAN'T upload internet photos, or other people's photos and pass them as your own! You must be the original creator, which mean you are the one that takes the photo, and you own the right to it. Otherwise, RedGage will ban you and won't pay you a penny!

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