Shooting The Moon

Moon In the Early Morning

This was what I saw at 7:10 in the morning when I drove my son to school. Yes, I pulled over and snapped a few pictures through my windshield.

Moon At Mid-Day

It was freezing cold, and windy, but the sky was clear blue, and the moon was still shine up above. We don't get to see any flowers outside anymore but the moon was there to enjoy.

Moon In Early Evening

My world got very dark around 5:00 PM, and after my dinner walkabout I saw the moon in between the barren branches. I tried different settings on my little camera, including night shots, but setting it at Aperture seemed to bring out the best photos.

Moon At 9:00 PM

Before turning in for the night, I made my last round outside, and yes, the moon was calling again. I couldn't resist the beauty of this view, thus I had to "shoot the moon" once more time.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone, and thanks for visiting me!

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