The Pizza Hut Dinner Box Deal

Dinner Box
I have days when I ran out of idea what to cook, or simply don't want to cook, and most importantly have no time for cooking. On those days, I opt for carry out food, such as this Dinner Box from Pizza Hut for only $10 dollars.

Bread Sticks
This deal came with one medium pizza, choice of one topping, five pieces of bread sticks, and 10 pieces of cinnamon bread sticks. This dinner pizza and breads box ended up lasting my family of two for another meal the next day.

Cinnamon Bread Sticks
Therefore, financially, it fitted my budget quite well. If you are looking for a quick dinner or just want a change of taste, and stayed within your budget, Dinner Box from Pizza Hut is recommended. They also have Pasta Deal on Tuesday for the same price. Registered & Protected