Ventimiglia Pre-Made Ravioli and Tomato Sauce

Pre-Made Ravioli
In our house, we'd like to support local market and fresh made goods, so when we saw many commercials of Ventimiglia Italian Pasta Market, we went to try it out, and to support the idea of fresh homemade pasta around Metro Detroit.

 With Fresh Basil Leaves
We ordered one pound of pre-made ravioli, and half a pound of tomato sauce! The bill was a shock to me at almost $30, without bread or salad to go with this dish that we had to put together at home.

Pre-Made Ravioli and Tomato Sauce
I had to admit, the tomato sauce was fresh, taste great, and good looking in color, but the ravioli was just so-so. This dish certainly fed only two people, not worth the money we paid for, especially after driving 20 minutes to get there, and another 20 minutes getting back.

When cooking at home, I preferred to stay in budget and able to feed all members of my family! Even though these ravioli and tomato sauce were homemade, they were not what we've expected them to be. Registered & Protected