First Week Of March
March is quickly coming to an end, and I have collected my photos for this month by taking the same picture at the same spot. My focus was the tree you see above.

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I am exciting as the weather is getting warmer, because I can now plan and think what I should do with my little lot in the backyard where I used to plant my vegetables during the summer months. This area used to produce great tomatoes, peppers, green beans, and pea pods. However, since my neighbor has a huge tree, it covers most of the sunlight, hence my vegetables garden slowly become pitiful.

Red Flowers
Spring is not yet officially arrived according to the calender, but it sure is in the air! Believe it or not, people already brought their lawn mower out for cutting the grass!

Forming Colors
I don't usually like to take photos of the sky in the front part of my house, because there are  too many people hanging around, and the view is obstructed with electrical lines. Plus, the RV parking lot is not too pretty to see.

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