Fried Seafood With Corn and Broccoli

Lenten meal
BC Doan Photo
Simple meal was what I like to cook! I couldn't stand too long on my feet anymore after a long day of running around. So I quickly fried up pieces of tilapia fish, shrimps, and squid that were cut in circles.

 Corn and Broccoli

BC Doan Photo
Eating out not only cost too much money, but it also was not satisfying to my taste bud. I opted for steamed fresh broccoli with a dash of salt and pepper. Then cook a can of corn with a bit of margarine.

Seafood With Steamed Broccoli and Corn
BC Doan Photo
This meal was sufficient enough to go with my Lenten season. Surprisingly, my little boy liked it too even though it was simple. Registered & Protected