First Week of April

Leaves are growing, and the tree begins to fill out! The month of April is also much colder than March. We had more gloomy days than sunlight, and freezing wind turned blooming flowers to brown.

Kowalski Kielbasa Sausage and Potato

What to cook when you got home at 7:30 PM? Breakfast foods or something easy and fast! That was what I did for our dinner. I chopped up four potatoes into bite sizes, and cooked them with a lid on until the potatoes were tender to the touch, in about two tablespoons of oil.

Lines In the Sky
On my way back from dropping my son off at school, 7:30 AM, I saw these strange lines in front of my eyes. Being somewhat of an addict to click, I pulled the car over, and snapped.

Pretty Colors Through the Branches
This is probably the last time that could take pictures of the sky through the branches, and they are now filling in with leaves. It was the view from my backyard.

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