April Sky 2012

First Week of April

Leaves are growing, and the tree begins to fill out! The month of April is also much colder than March. We had more gloomy days than sunlight, and freezing wind turned blooming flowers to brown.

Second Week Of April
It was rare to see blue sky this month. It came and went quickly. There were hardly dramatic colors in the sky. The time I have set to take pictures of this same tree remained constant.

Third Week Of April
The tree was getting thicker with leaves now, and by next month I should find a different spot to continue this series, unless I can still see the sky through it all.

Last Week of April
Now you have it, this month was blah blah blah, and the leaves are growing bigger! I have been looking for a new spot, somewhere that I can be at everyday, to continue my monthly sky watch. Will see what I come up with next month..

Have a fantastic weekend!

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