Breakfast For Dinner

Kowalski Kielbasa Sausage and Potato

What to cook when you got home at 7:30 PM? Breakfast foods or something easy and fast! That was what I did for our dinner. I chopped up four potatoes into bite sizes, and cooked them with a lid on until the potatoes were tender to the touch, in about two tablespoons of oil.

Adding Sweet Colorful Peppers

While the potatoes were cooking, I cut up one Kowalski kielbasa sausage, green onion, yellow sweet pepper, and red sweet pepper into bite sizes. I had to have some sort of vegetables or I would feel incomplete.

Over Easy Eggs Top the Hash
Once the potato pieces are mostly brown, I added my sausages and sweet peppers. Cooked for another five minutes, and served hot. No, wait...JoJo wanted two over easy eggs also to top his potato hash, and that was our breakfast for dinner! Registered & Protected