Dinner At Blue Moon Restaurant

Spring Rolls
Around my neck of the woods, there is a little Vietnamese/Thai restaurant serving Asian food, and this plate is their fantastic spring rolls. It was made with rice paper rather than wonton skin. The filling inside includes a touch of meat, clear noodle, shredded carrot, and shredded black mushroom. Then it was deep fried to a crunch!

Dinner Plate of Rice, Egg, and Barbeque Pork Chops

Come with two pieces of boneless pork chops, one over easy egg, rice, lettuce, cucumber, and shredded pork skin; this plate had a generous portion, and was delicious.

Pad Thai Noodle

If you love pad Thai noodle, I am sure you had better than this plate. From the look of it, it had too much sauce and the noodle was overcooked. It didn't taste that bad however, just a bit mushy for my liking.

Blue Moon Restaurant is the hang out place for Hmong, Laotian, Vietnamese, and Cambodian who live on the East side of Detroit. I only go here when craving for "Pho" and they do make a mouth-watering bowl!

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