May Sky 2012

First Week of May
For this month, I just have random shots from around my house, mostly in the front part of the neighborhood. The weather has not been very cooperative most of the time, but I still caught moments when the sun came out to play.

Second Week of May
This is the magnolia tree next door, and I love how the sun shined through the branches. It is harder to find one definite spot to shoot as the tree branches are filling out thicker as each day went by.

Third Week of May
It was 5:00 o'clock in the morning when I saw this. It looked like floating fire atop the building. We ended up with two hot hot hot days, and then back to chilly weather.

Last Week of May
I had to drop JoJo at school by 5:00 AM for his field trip to Cedar Point this morning, and have been up since 4:00. On the way back home I saw this scenery in front of me. We will definitely have a great day today.

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