Lavender Columbine Flowers
Columbine flowers are fascinating to see, and they have captivated my interest for these last few years. I used to have one growing along the fence burying deep in the weed, courtesy of the birds!

Dusty Pink Cloud
It might not look like that this cloud would bring on a big rain storm, but it did. We had a good rain with strong wind after this patch of cloud moved out.

Soft Color Cloud
I have a bit of trouble deciding on a title for this post. My first thought was "shooting through the window", but that would imply a violent meaning in my neck of the woods, and then the second thought was "snapping through the window". However, that still didn't sit right.

Pushing Out Dark Cloud
The sun was trying so hard to push away the dark cloud at the beginning of the day, and seemed to do a great job, or at least gave us hope for a bright sunny day.

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