Crunchy Noodles With Beef and Vegetables

Crunchy Noodles
Metro Detroit is divided into two rivalry areas, and that is East and West! East side people don't like West side people, and vice versa for some reasons. The West though prides themselves as being wealthier, hipper, and have better restaurants.

Beef and Vegetables On a Bed of Noodles

Blue Moon restaurant on my East side of town has now joined the West side, and this was our last dish with them. Vietnamese people is also concentrated on the West so it was just what the owner looking for, more patrons to his restaurant!

Vegetables, Beef and Crunchy Noodles
The crunchy noodle you see here came in the bag already cooked, and often served with soup as topping. The only cooking was in the vegetables and sliced beef pieces. They were quickly stir fried in a bit of brown sauce, and poured on top of a bed of crunchy noodle. Registered & Protected