Yellow Straw Flower Bud
I planted some straw flowers this year in the biggest container that I had. Slowly, they grew, and the straw flower buds began to emerge. The first bud got eating half way through by ants.

First Week of July
Michigan has living up to its true hot summer weather for July! We have many days when the temperature was over 100. With such scorching heat, we took refuge in the cooling air of our house, and barely went outside.

Look up, way way up there and you will always find pretty cloud to see. Don't you remember when you were little and toys were rare, you played the guessing game of cloud formation? Those were simpler days, and simple game but so good for your mind!

Growing Deep Orange Lilies
These are the gorgeous deep orange lilies by my front porch. Under full sun, the orange looked almost red. These lilies came back year after year, and seemed to multiply in stalks.

You Can Tell
This beautiful color of the sky was taken at 5:00 o'clock in the morning. As you can tell, it will be a hot day. We were blessed with two weeks of heat waves, and of course, we all complained as it is in our human nature.

Mixed Wild Flowers
Early in spring, I invested one dollar buying this box of wild flower mix from the dollar store, and waited for the weather to stable before planting them. I did nothing special beside watering the area.

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