Coreopsis Tinctoria Mix

Coreopsis Tinctoria In Early Bloom
This is one of the flowers in my wild flowers mixed box! I love the yellow petals with maroon center. It has a delicate stem and continuously blooms throughout the summer. Though this coreopsis tinctoria is an annual flower, it will self sow and easy to grow.

Pretty Coreopsis Tinctoria Mix
I can't find a common or popular name for it. As I have mentioned before in my "Gardening On a Dollar", I just spreaded the seeds and watered them until the plants began to grow.

Full Bloom Coreopsis Tinctoria Mix
I think I planted it too late in the season, but with the strange weather we had this year, I have no choice. My coreopsis tinctoria flowers are small in sizes, but haven't stopped blooming since. Registered & Protected