Gardening On a Dollar

Mixed Wild Flowers
Early in spring, I invested one dollar buying this box of wild flower mix from the dollar store, and waited for the weather to stable before planting them. I did nothing special beside watering the area.

Pretty Little White Flowers

My one dollar investment yielded abundantly with these beautiful little white flowers blossomed first. They are just as delicate as you can see here.

Purple Beauty
This purple beauty bloomed second. I was amazed to see it all opened in the morning, and it was the size of a quarter.

Pure White Beauty
This white beauty blossomed next to the purple one. I do not know if they were supposed to be so little and so delicate due to the strange weather we had. I also do not know if they would come back next year.

Yellow Beauty
These little yellow beauties bloomed this morning, and they were as little as the rest of the flowers in this post. According to the box, some flowers are annual and some are perennial. There is also a list of name but with no pictures to it, so I have no idea which one is which.

In the meantime, I just enjoy my one dollar investment, and anxiously await for the next blooms. Registered & Protected