July SKy 2012

First Week of July
Michigan has living up to its true hot summer weather for July! We have many days when the temperature was over 100. With such scorching heat, we took refuge in the cooling air of our house, and barely went outside.

Second Week of July
This was my moon shot in late evening. Hey, if I can't shoot the sky colors during the day, I might as well shoot the moon at night.

Third Week of July
If I want to take pictures of the sky, I have to be up early, and to be up early was not a problem for me. I am up at around 5:30 A.M every day so when there is enough light outside, and the sun comes out, I get my fill!

Last Week of July
This photo above was shot in the evening, before the sun went down. Right now, I am watching myself from complaining about the weather because very soon I would yearn for this heat when the snow comes.

Joining Sky Watch!!!

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