Yellow Straw Flower

Yellow Straw Flower Bud
I planted some straw flowers this year in the biggest container that I had. Slowly, they grew, and the straw flower buds began to emerge. The first bud got eating half way through by ants.

Straw Flower Begins to Open

Red ants love this flower, even though the petals felt like rough sand paper. I have to shake the ants off every day, because this was my first straw flower that I grew and I want to see the bloom.

Straw Flower Petals Separated
Straw flowers seem to need lot of water. They drooped and wilted if there were no moisture in the soil, and they grew quite tall. One stem has from three to four flowers and the process to bloom took a long time.

Yellow Straw Flower Bloomed
This is how beautiful my yellow straw flower looked. It resembled sunflowers, but once mature the petals folded downward and yielded an amazing stamens. Registered & Protected