Miniature Rudbeckia Hirta

Miniature Black-eyed Susan
This beautiful black-eyed Susan bud finally come out, and it is from my wild flower box I bought earlier in Spring. The box said it contained 4,500 seeds, and a long list of different flowers, but so far I only see six types of flowers successfully blooming.

Gorgeous Bloom

I caught this one heading itself toward the sun one early morning, and it turned out gorgeous with the light and shade. I have three of this rudbeckia hirta plants in my garden now, and very happy with my dollar investment.

Looking Tired
This black-eyed Susan stayed blooming for quite a while, which add the color to my garden as Fall is near. The tickseed flowers, miniature bachelor's button flowers, the gypsophila elegant white, and of course the marigold are still growing strong. Registered & Protected