Protect Yourself

This post brought to you by LifeLock Facebook. All opinions are 100% mine.

The internet is the greatest thing that ever invented. There are so many benefits that we can all derive from it, such as the ability to actually connect with someone who lives across the ocean, or a way to look for job, or the convenience of conducting all kind of business transactions online.

With its benefits, the virtual world is also a scary place with many bad things can happen. One of the most frightening moments was finding out your personal information has been compromised.

Yes, it happened! It happened to my oldest son just about six months ago. While he was at sea on a job, he found out that someone has been charging on his bank account in New York, racking up over 300 dollars in his name. He was beyond worry. Luckily, our bank was suspicious with the location where the charges were made and put a stop to it.

He called the bank, proved that he was on a job at sea, and the bank reversed the charges against his account. Needless to say, when you experienced something like this, it really is a horrible feeling, and it also begs the question: How hack friendly is your password?

He has only a month of break left at home, and out to sea he will go again. He told me that he recently likes LifeLock on Facebook, and is looking into protecting himself with their service. Since being at sea and at different places for the next six months, he would rather feel safe than deal with another mess.

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