September Sky 2012

First Week of September
We are coming to the end of another! September was quickly flying by, and also is marking the beginning of a new season. School began, yearly check up and immunization shots done, and routine have been re-established.

Second Week of September

Each day is a new day, but each day the sky is different! Do you think God intended for us to look at the display in sky and try to learn a lesson from it? If we learn nothing from it, surely we all can agree that the sky is constantly changing.

Third Week of September
All of the photos in this post were taken of the same area in my neighborhood, with either adjusting a bit more to the left or to the right of what I see in the sky. Of course, they were on different days.

Last Week Of September
Looking at the picture above, I have asked myself many times, "can I painted these colors as pretty as this?" The answer was obviously not for the life of me! I could not mix the colors as amazing as the these ones in the sky.

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