Front View of My Neighborhood
It is harder to catch sunrise and sunset photos now for me as it is getting so cold, and my hands shook up trying to snap. If I wore thick gloves then I would not be able to even push the button...For goodness' sake, do away with me why don't you? :-)

Frozen Mussels
Sometimes ago, my sister introduced me to a box of frozen mussels that she bought at the grocery store, but I haven't come across it until yesterday. These mussels were cooked in garlic butter and white wine. There were other flavor, but I picked this instead.

Heat Up and Serve
After coming home from our mid-day church service, I cooked up these frozen mussels in the microwave for about 3 minutes, tossed on top some fresh cilantro, and served. The mussels tasted just as fresh as you would get in the restaurant, and best of all, the price was only $2.99 ($3.99 regular price) for about 20 mussels. They were such a satisfied quick fix for our seafood craving. Registered & Protected

Early Morning
It is a beautiful time of year, when the leaves are few to show their silhouette images in the sky. The sun was a tease, came out for a short time, and disappeared soon afterward, leaving us in gloomy condition from afternoon on end.

Wild Grape Leaves
The wild grape leaves draped over the fence, and turned bright yellow color looked amazingly cheery when the sun came out. These wild grape vines can quickly take over the entire area if left to their own vice.

I had spent endless hours cutting them down, removing their root, but they still came back. They have not produced any grape for the birds or human to consume. Thus, their invasive nature is not very welcomed.

Yellow Leaves In Blue Sky
This branch of yellow leaves belonged to another weed plant that grew almost taller than the two levels high house next door to me. Just like other types of weeds, if not taking care off then they would take over. Now, the cost to the owner is somewhere in the hundreds to remove, as its root has dug under the foundation of the house.

Have a good Monday! Registered & Protected

First Week Of October
I suppose to post this last week, but some how it just escaped my mind that it was the last week of October. Well, I am allowed one mistake, and so now I will post this today!

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