In Between

Front View of My Neighborhood
It is harder to catch sunrise and sunset photos now for me as it is getting so cold, and my hands shook up trying to snap. If I wore thick gloves then I would not be able to even push the button...For goodness' sake, do away with me why don't you? :-)

In Between
However, old habits die hard. I miss going outside, and I miss snapping pictures. Not much of anything left to photograph, but sometimes I got lucky, especially when the little bird landed on the tree top and just sat there waiting for me to snap.

View In the Backyard
Since we fall back one hour, I can now see some light in my world, and this photo was taken at around 6:30 AM. The sun tried very hard to come up, only gave way for grey sky, wind, and rain later on in the morning.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

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