Domain Name At a Discount Price

My friend Robin and I are thinking of starting a blog together for the last three months. We are back and forth in our decision to make a choice between a domain name and a generic name. Both has its advantages and disadvantages. We are not aim to be the big bloggers, or niche bloggers, but purposely want to be true and honest in our ways of thinking. With Codero Promo Codes, I think we will go ahead with a registered domain name.

There are many different popular registrars, as you can see, for us to choose from, and it depends on which one we go with, the price for us to pay is extremely affordable. Surely, we can spend $1.99 to have an adventure with our muses for a year, right?

While making a decision to get a domain name was easy, it is not so to have a clear idea on where we want our blog to be hosted, or what services to have! I don't have a clue of whether we want Core 2 Duo, Core i7, Xeon Quad Core, or Core i5.

I figure it took us this long to collaborate on our ideas, so we have time to further investigate on the services that are available to us. We rather take time to be sure than rushing in and are sorry! Registered & Protected