Scrumptious Vietnamese Appetizer Dishes

Vietnamese Appetizer
This morning I wake up having such a bad craving for these two food dishes. Once in a while, the deep Asian root in me cries out for comfort food that I have known since childhood. I had no idea what the dish above called in America, but it is called "Banh Bot Loc" in Vietnamese.

It was made of a thin and small circle crepe-like, filled with shrimp pieces, folded in half, topped with dried yellow onion and sauteed green onion. It is eating with very light diluted fish sauce!

Banh Beo
This is another dish that we had at a restaurant while visiting my sister in Ohio. It is called "banh beo", and is only available in a certain restaurant. The chef at this restaurant did a fantastic job in making these two traditional Vietnamese dishes. We don't have them here in Metro Detroit.

It came in small round cookie-like shapes, and topped with dried shrimp, cooked mung bean, and green onion. My children love this one, and I make it at home every few months, but I used fresh shrimp instead. This dish is also eaten with light diluted fish sauce. Registered & Protected