First Week of January
When I looked back at the entire month, I have to say our sky was not all that bad because we did have touched of colors now and then. We just had too many gray days more than colors ones so we couldn't remember.

On My Way Home
Last week, we had this gorgeous sky at 6:30 in the morning leading me home. Street lights and house lights were on, so it made for a wonderful shot.

Roasted Cornish Hens
For Thanksgiving, I made four Cornish hens for our gathering. My mom can't have turkey so Cornish hens seemed to be the perfect choice. I rub these little ones with salt, black pepper, garlic powder, dried chopped onion pieces, and dried basil flakes. I slow roast the hens at 300 degree for two hours, and then roast them until golden before serving. The skin was crunchy and tasty.

Behind the Tree
This week we had bits and bits of color in the sky. I have to stalk it every chance I could cease. No matter how subtle the color was, it's still a joy to see, and makes me happy.

This week I saw patches of colors here and there, still with gray sky! The berries were now as dark and as wrinkle as could be. The sun peeked out for a very short while, and hidden away as quick as it came.

You can see a bit of pink and blue colors above the barren branches. Winter seems to be too long already, and yet it is pretty much just at the beginning of the season. Have a fabulous weekend!

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