Fire In the Backyard
If you see this fire in your backyard, what will you do? It is so much like a burning bush! Fearsome and intense! I was not planning to go anywhere, but stay and pull the camera out of my pocket!

New York, New York, so good they named it twice. It might be a city that doesn't sleep, but nevertheless, it is transformed habitually with the seasons, a quasi-reinvention of character.

While winter is beautiful, all candy lights and the romance of snow, spring is a vibrant green that sees New York reinvigorated and animated, beautifully contrasted with the dazzle of sunshine rays permeating through its glittering skyscrapers.

We had a really grumpy week, and the weather was terrible. We barely see the sun. The temperature remained steadily in the 20s; so it was freezing, especially when the wind kicked up. I managed to just got one shot earlier this morning for all the sky lovers out there, like me :-) Have a great weekend!

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A Good Morning
No matter how cold it was, when you see these colors in the sky, you know it will be a good morning, a good day. Our temperature this past week was in the low 20, and freezing cold it was!

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