Light Shines Through
Fencing along the dentist's office walls, these gorgeous purple azaleas were among the pink ones that I've posted before. This mix together were striking and demanding attention from passerby.

This was some sort of a melon that grew in my brother's yard last year. It grew underneath many tomato plants and some other plants so my mom tried her best to clear out the others so this melon could catch some sunlight.

However, it never reached maturity or ripeness as the bottom of the melon got rotten out sitting too long on the dirt bed. It was still a pretty melon though while I had a chance to watch it grew.

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Gorgeous Colors
I went out at 6:30 in the morning to see what the sky has to offered, and this was what I see in front of my eyes. Gorgeous, rich, and colorful sky. It was too beautiful in the horizon that all the city buildings became less irritating to see.

Gorgeous Pink Azelea yet! These are not flowers of 2013, but a few years back! We are on a slower pace here at the moment! But if it is really true "April shower bring May flowers", then we'll be in for a great treat with blooms.

These beautiful azalea bushes grew all around the wall of a dentist office, mixing with purple ones too! I spotted on my way home, and had to pull in to take photos. Yes, if you could see me, you would think that I looked like a thief! Oh the thing I do for photos :-)

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These are just some photos of the room that my daughter moved in on college campus, years ago. The sunlight came pouring in from the window creating an ambience of welcoming.

These were some photos I took back in 2008, and they were lost in the shuffle. I thought that they had no weight on the scale of things; until now. In fact, they looked quite interesting, don't you think?

These were the things inside the tank that we visited in California; don't remember where! Nope, that was quite a long time ago to remember :-)

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