After taking these shots of violet catching the light in the morning dews, I have a different feeling for these beauties. Although they are considered weeds, they are a welcome sign of spring when the earth is awaken.

I love "Catching the Light" meme, as I find myself looking for things that well, caught the light! Nature has an endless supply of beauties if we just take a moment and tap into it.

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Peeking At the Sky
As you can see, the leaves are starting to fill in. The leaves are still small enough to see through the sky from the opening, but pretty soon I can't shoot from this spot anymore.

These were the cherry tomatoes from last year in my brother's garden. I brought home a bag full from my mom and arranged them on the window sill to ripe. The red and green colors were very catchy to see, so they made for a cool subject to shoot.

I love how the sun light pouring in onto these tomatoes! We are in early spring here in Michigan so no tomatoes for this year yet! Have a great week..

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